5 virtual event platforms that should be on your radar

5 virtual event platforms that should be on your radar 5 virtual event platforms that should be on your radar

Virtual events have been on many event professionals radars for a good while but mainly in the ‘nice to do/have’ category. Along came 2020 and we have realised that in order for the event industry to survive it’s essential to embrace virtual or hybrid events to ensure we remain relevant in a pandemic and post pandemic world.

We’ve put together a handy list of virtual event platforms that are making a splash in the virtual event world. All platforms also offer live demos via their websites so you can experience the platform yourself before you buy…


  1. Remo


Remo is a virtual event platform that invites attendees to engage face-to-face with each other in real time. The event can be set up as individual rooms/tables and visitors can choose to join the table of their choice and start a conversation with others on the same table.

Features include, in app chat, collaborative whiteboards, email reminders, screen sharing, interactive polls and customisable branding. There is also an option for multiple buildings so one building could be a networking area for attendees, another could be where the content sessions run and another could be where exhibitors are based and so on.  It’s a very easy tool for starting conversations and building contacts as you can add attendees you meet on LinkedIn directly through their profile on the platform.

Cost: Prices range from $50 per month (for a 50 person event) to $800 a month (for 800 person unlimited events)


2.  Hop-in

Hop-in is one of the newer brands to the market. They term themselves as a virtual event venue and as a platform it feels very attendee led with opportunities for live demo, plus smaller breakouts, one on one meetings and exhibition booths. There offering is currently being added to on a daily basis, definitely one to watch.

Cost: $99 a month (for 100 attendees) price increases $0.50 per attendee after that


3. Swapcard

Swapcards technology allows you to match your audience with people and relevant content using Artificial Intelligence. Other features include, agenda, live streaming, audience response tools, networking, 1 to 1 video calls and group chat as well as interaction tracking to help track ROI. They began as an event app and have recently launched their virtual event offering with the main additions being:

  • Integrated video calling for scheduled meetings so that attendees can network “face-to-face”
  • Live streaming of sessions with one or multiple speakers and replay of pre-recorded sessions
  • Audience response tools such as live discussions, Q&As, polls and surveys during sessions


Cost: 0.2 – 1.9€ per attendee, however they are currently offering a 30% discount on all virtual events happening before end of June.


4. Evessio

Known for their excellent customer support, Evessio provides solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your event. Their virtual platform is suitable for those that are starting out with their very first event to those running a large number of exhibitions, conferences and awards across the globe. They have excellent tools for measuring ROI the main features of which include bookings and registration, exhibitor zone and task management, private pages for exhibitors, revenue and transaction management, detailed tracking and analysis on users.

Cost: They have flexible pricing options from ‘Pay as you go’ to ‘Volume discounts’ therefore prices are given upon application.


5. Shindig

Specialising in powering large scale video chat events this platform offers a very close alternative to a face-to-face event but online. Its features include, video conferencing, lectures, seminars, interviews and more. Hosts can share the stage for face-to-face interactions with audience members or sidebar with participants privately. Audience members themselves are also able to network, discuss and socialise with one another during sessions in their own self initiated private video chats just as they would naturally at in person events.

Cost: Prices given upon application.


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