Noba launches Thermal Camera Body Temperature Solutions

Noba launches Thermal Camera Body Temperature Solutions Noba launches Thermal Camera Body Temperature Solutions

Event wifi specialists, Noba have developed a sophisticated system for checking people temperatures at live events. The new ‘Thermal Camera Body Temperature Solutions’  designed for visitor and audience scanning, was developed as part of COVID-19 preventative measures.

With solutions for venues and other live event locations, this can be tailored to specific requirements and provided as a temporary or permanent installation. Designed to be installed at key entry points to the venue or event, up to 300 people can be measured per minute, with temperature monitoring achieved within 0.2 seconds, to an accuracy of +- 0.3℃. There is also a sound prompt to alert the security of abnormal temperature or no facemask detection.

Noba Managing Director, Nick Taylor said: “We all want the live events industry back on its feet as soon as possible. Our team has years of experience integrating both hardware and software solutions for live events, which means we were perfectly placed to develop this service in rapid response to COVID-19 preventative measures”

Noba’s solution can be hired as a basic, low-cost measure per event for venues, together with being adapted and developed for more sophisticated larger events that have complex event registration requirements, such as pre-registered facial recognition with automated turnstile entry points.

Industry veteran, investor and shareholder in NobaTech, Mike Kershaw, who holds multiple positions on industry advisory boards, and has been active on a variety of panel discussions during the lock-down period, believes this will be an essential part of the live events infrastructure post-COVID-19. “We all know that the face of live events will be changing, and how this may look is continually evolving. However, the first step is giving businesses and audiences the confidence to attend events again. This is an excellent solution that will offer both staff and visitors the security they need.”

Prices start from £2,500, for more information on Noba’s Thermal Body Temperature Solutions visit: