How to supercharge your 2022 events

How to supercharge your 2022 events How to supercharge your 2022 events How to supercharge your 2022 events

2021 brought us a small taste of what’s to come for events post COVID, and we are hungry for more. We believe that there are big things coming for 2022, with events bouncing back bigger and better than ever (when safe to do so of course).

We have put together your go-to-guide of how to supercharge your events in 2022; from beautiful furniture, virtual and hybrid event solutions to how to reduce your carbon footprint.



Sustainability should of course be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, but it is sometimes tricky to navigate with big events. Yes, we can all have vegan options on the menu, we can look to reduce paper wastage at events, which are both fantastic steps towards a more sustainable future, but what else can we do to ensure we minimise our carbon footprint?

Isla are the perfect supplier to educate, facilitate and evaluate the transition to a sustainable future for the events industry. Their aim and focus is set on three core areas; zero waste, 100% renewable energy and carbon emission reductions. Their goal is to set both short and long-term targets in these areas and then track, measure and report to drive constant improvement. Join as a member of isla and contribute to making a change within our industry.



One super simple, yet extremely successful change you can make to your events this year is upgrading your furniture. It makes such a difference to the atmosphere of the space and creates a beautiful backdrop for pictures. Our go to supplier, for breath-taking furniture, is none other than the award-winning furniture specialists… Yahire. Some of our favourite pieces include: the Green Chay Chair, Pallet Wood Bar, Gold Birdcage Coffee Table just to name a few.



It seems super simple and like not much thought needs to go into making sure you have WiFi at an event, however, it is one of the most common mistakes when organising conferences, exhibitions, company offsites etc. Noba are experts in providing high-quality, hassle free event WiFi and internet that keeps you seamlessly connected. Supporting a huge range of events. Yet to be beaten by any connectivity challenge, Noba have worked in an array of environments: from muddy fields, disused warehouses, docksides and moving vehicles to palaces, churches and even out at sea.



It is unsurprising that hybrid events are becoming more and more popular in today’s ever-changing world. There are HUGE benefits to combining live and virtual events; including: providing new marketing opportunities, giving you an unlimited reach to your audience, as well as improving your green footprint and all whilst alleviating some of the pressure on the virus that shall not be named…

It is really important that you pick the right platform for you, your audience and importantly your event needs! Story Events have explored technology’s full potential and they know everything there is to know about creative, interactive and integrated platforms to best suit your needs. They offer the option to build a completely bespoke virtual event to match your specific event objectives and can guide you through the new world of hybrid and virtual events. Find out more here.



An essential part of planning an event is choosing the right caterers for you and your event needs and with the long list of caterers on offer, this can sometimes prove quite challenging. Gastronomy Guys are one of our go to suppliers when you are looking for mouth-watering menu’s and unforgettable memories. When it comes to your event brief, they really know how to get creative, from their signature Dragon’s Breath Nitro Meringue and Roaming Oyster Boys rigs, to their banter-filled hosts adding captivating entertainment to your event, Gastronomy Guys really do make the food & drink the main event. In their world…you’re allowed to play with your food!


These are just some of the ways you can supercharge your events for 2022; make sure to check out all of our reliable suppliers at the Event Suppliers Guide and see what else you can do to make your events this year better than ever.